Rex Robards

Who is Rex Robards?


For Rex Robards, his music is a spiritual journey marked with highs and lows, much like his life. His songs are written in truth and they uniquely tell his story. “Upon receiving Christ September 19, 2007, it marked the beginning of change” says Robards. “I knew my salvation was real the very moment I cried out to God." A big part of that change was honesty in Robards’ songwriting. “If I was going to live an honest life in Christ, I had to be honest with the gift He gave me as well. No more hiding behind the music. I felt a NEED to share what life was like before receiving Christ and I felt a DESIRE to share the reason my life was now dramatically different. The only way I knew to convey my story was through music.” 

In 2012, Robards began attending a small church in Freeport, Texas which housed men struggling to fight addiction. This was a familiar struggle in much of Robards’ own life, so naturally, he felt at ease in this environment. This comfort allowed Robards to eventually use his gift of music and he began leading worship at the church. It was here Robards realized God’s calling on his life and in 2014, he began the Texas Music Christian Association, aimed at uniting secular artists who have a faith, and are writing faith-based songs, but have no avenue to play these songs.

With the start of the TMCA, Robards began the Music That Matters Concert Series which provides the very avenue necessary for these secular artists to share their faith-based music and values. This music series led to Rex performing with artists such as Jeremy Camp, Aaron Watson, Brandon Heath and Building 429 among others.

Robards, along with his band The Grateful, now travel to churches all across Texas, performing their own brand of Christian country and blues as well as contemporary worship. They have just released their first Christian Country single, titled “That’s How Jesus”, to national radio with Nashville’s own Ascend Music and Media and they are actively involved in prison ministries across the state. 

   Rex Robards has traveled many miles, asking for nothing but a willing listener with an open heart and an open mind. “Music reaches people in a way words  alone do not. If you are able to write life into a simple melody, it will tell the listener everything about you, and 9 times out of 10, their experiences will be similar.  I don't know a better way to begin a conversation about Jesus than with a connection through music."